(430) 986-3796 Your Grab and Go Meal Kit.

$9.99 Per Week + The Cost of Ingredients

More convenient than a grocery store and less money than a delivery meal box. What's not to love?

Step:1 Pick Out Your Meals

We work with professional chefs to create meals that are delicious, nutritious, easy to cook, and affordable. Choose multiple options for our plans of 1 dinner per week, 6 meals per week, or 15 meals a week to cover your entire work week.

Step 2: Schedule Your Pickup

No more wondering when your meals will show up. Pick your preferred location and preferred pickup time and we'll have your meals ready to go. In and out in 5 minutes. Grocery shopping has never been so easy.

Step 3: Cook and Enjoy

Every meal is perfectly portioned for the exact amount you need and includes both written and video instructions to cook it to perfection.

We Make Cooking Cheap, Easy, And Fun

Perfectly portioned and totally delicious. You'll never love cooking more than when you're cooking with BraisedBox.

Only The Best Ingredients

Only The Best Ingredients

We work with the most reputable farmers, importers, and suppliers to get you the best food at the best price.

This is more than simply yet another meal box that adds expenses and complications to your meal planning. This is the evolution of the grocery store. Just some of the advantages of BraisedBox include:


  • No food waste = you saving up to $1700 a year.
  • Save time by choosing pre-planned meals.
  • In & Out in 5 minutes with pre-packed boxes.
  • Support local farmers and produce.
  • Broaden your palete with new and exotic flavors.

Our Plans

Cancel at any time, skip weeks, upgrade or downgrade at any point. Your food should be flexible to your life. Not the other way around.

The Date Night

The Date Night

1 Meal Per Week

Looking for just a special meal for once a week? No problem! Choose from our weekly options to expand your palete and have fun cooking.

The Weekday Warrior

The Weekday Warrior

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner For 5 Days.

The true vision of BraisedBox. Fast, affordable, and nutritious meals ready to cook for your busy work week.

The Flex

The Flex

6 meals spread across breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Flexible to meet your weekly needs.

Supplement your regular shopping with affordable, delicious, and cheap options for when you need flexible options during the week or weekend.

Ready For the Future of Grocery Shopping?